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A Tangled Web

Earlier this summer I made the decision to build a website. The Covid-19 virus was creating havoc with summer festivals and gallery sales causing closures and cancellations, creating an uncertain future for my small pottery business. I struggled with the decision to build a

website, because technology is not the easiest thing for me to understand. Its ever changing formats and updates often leave me struggling to figure out how to do something that comes easily to others. I needed help and it was generously offered by my youngest daughter, Jessica. She had a wealth of knowledge and was a rock when I wanted to fold and give it all up. With her steady guidance and perseverance, we were able to finish the Red Salamander Pottery website and even push it to be seen on Google search.

Now that we have developed my website, it no longer seems to be as tangled as I had feared. I see the many strands of the web extending out, not in a tangle, but in organized threads reaching out to people far and wide. I am excited to finally offer a way to connect with those who love pottery, those who are curious about pottery and the life of a potter. I am eager to interact with all my friends, both old and new. Welcome to my website!

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