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Red Salamander Pottery

I have always had a strong desire to work in clay. Its malleable feel and fluid movement in my hands provides a sense of freedom and creativity. The forgiving nature of clay allows me to experiment and make changes mid thought. I love being able to have a second chance to start again….and again if I so desire. 

I am surrounded by the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and use the peaceful atmosphere this area provides as a means to gather inspiration for my pottery. The colors, textures, and lines of this landscape have a strong influence on my work, often resulting in unique color combinations and patterns. My hand-painted designs come from deep within, resulting in archetypal symbols that are reflective interpretations of the natural world.

My creations are made on a pottery wheel using stoneware clay and finished with a variety of colored slips and glazes. It is important that my pottery be both beautiful and functional while also bringing comfort to those who use it. My desire is that others will feel as if my pottery is like an old friend and that the same familiar mug or bowl they reach for each day will provide contentment as they participate in the rituals of life. From my heart and hands to theirs, I hope my pottery will bring them both utility and enjoyment for years to come.

Becki Henderson-Gow

Red Salamander Pottery

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