Queen Anne’s Lace grows prolifically outside Becki's studio and inspired the surface design on this mug. Dark teal slip is hand painted on both sides of the mug to create the background, and white and teal dots are applied one at a time using a slip trailing bottle. The dots are slightly raised from the surface and create an unexpected texture enjoyed by those who relish tactile surfaces.


The Queen Anne's Lace design conjures up images of sunlit walks on country roads where wild flowers bloom in abundance. It entices one to sit a bit longer while sipping morning coffee or tea. This mug is the perfect gift for a friend celebrating a special occasion. It is also the perfect gift for you, bringing a little bit of joy into your life.


Every Red Salamander Pottery mug features a botanical stamp at the base of the handle. Using a few of her favorite seed pods collected on hikes near and far from home, Becki impresses symbolic meaning associated with different plants into each mug. The four stamps she currently uses are Eucalyptus, Walnut, Rose of Sharon, and Nasturtium.


Eucalyptus is associated with slowing down and detoxifying life, holding the promise of relief. Walnut helps one navigate through life transitions and promotes inner decisiveness to live life according to one’s own standards. Incidentally, the shape of the walnut stamp resembles a heart, perhaps suggesting one should follow their heart in all matters. Rose of Sharon, part of the hibiscus family, speaks of delicate beauty. Nasturtium indicates a victory through battle resulting in a conquest, or patriotism.


Each mug will contain a card explaining which stamp was used and its particular meaning. Not all stamps may be available at any given time, so if you desire a specific stamp, please contact Becki for more information.

Queen Anne's Lace Mug