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Queen Anne’s Lace grows prolifically outside Becki’s studio and inspired the surface design on this bowl. Dark teal slip is hand painted on the outside wrapping over the rim to the inside to create the background, and white and teal dots are applied one at a time using a slip trailing bottle. The dots are slightly raised from the surface and create an unexpected texture enjoyed by those who relish tactile surfaces.


The Queen Anne's Lace design conjures up images of sunlit walks on country roads where wild flowers bloom in abundance. It entices one to linger a little longer over a meal, adding a bit of calm to an otherwise hectic day. This bowl, paired with a matching mug, is the perfect gift for a friend celebrating a special occasion. It is also the perfect gift to pamper yourself.

Queen Anne's Lace Bowl

  • This bowl was hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel by Becki. It is approximately 3 inches high and 5.5 inches in diameter and can easily hold 2 cups of liquid.  Becki uses a warm brown, stoneware clay that has speckles in it and glazes that are mixed in the studio. All pottery is fired to 2200 degrees making it food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. 


    If you choose to use this bowl in the oven, please remember to place the bowl in the oven before the preheat cycle begins so it can warm gradually as the temperature increases preventing thermal shock. Pottery should not be heated on the stove top or over an open flame. Washing by hand and handling with care is recommended to extend the life of your handmade pottery.

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