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Vale of the Cross

A few years ago, I created a design that illustrated the peaceful valley known as Valle Crucis. I turned the design into a stamp to use on mugs that I sell at the Valle Country Fair every year. The stamped, appliqué design is a visual of what Bishop Levi Silliman Ives saw in 1842 when he visited this beautiful valley in the North Carolina mountains. He looked down from a ridge top, enjoying the view of three rivers crossing and converging with each other. In his mind's eye, Bishop Ives saw the symbol of the Arch Bishops Cross. He named the little valley Vale of the Cross today known as Valle Crucis. Over the years the rivers have redirected their course and the valley has physically changed. It is difficult to stand where Bishop Ives once stood and see what he saw in 1842. We must use our imagination to visualize the cross. Needless to say, the valley remains a place of beauty to those who visit today.

At this time of the year I choose to sell these special symbolic mugs to those who attend the Valle Country Fair. I know a virtual fair is not the same as the actual fair, so I am offering these mugs this year at a very special price. Hopefully, one of these mugs will remind you of the excitement we all shared over the past years when life was normal and we could happily attend large events. There are a limited number of mugs, so if you want one or more of these functional, souvenir mugs, be sure to purchase them before they are gone. They can be found on both the seasonal page and the mugs page of my website. These mugs can be shipped to you within a few days, or if you live in the area, porch pickup is now available. I have included special instructions in the shipping choices section for those who would like to pick up their pottery and avoid shipping.

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